Being the main stay of our winter workload, the rabbit is the most prolific of all agricultural pests, costing the UK farming community in excess of £100million each year.
       On average the adult 'doe' will have 4 to 5 liters a year with an average of five young in each litter, and as the seasons and weather conditions of late seem to be rather erratic the rabbit population is growing at an alarming rate, seeing the rabbit breeding all year around, making rabbit control a necessity. 
       With many years (three generations) of rabbit control behind  us, we at A.SCOTT PEST CONTROL SERVICES feel we can take this experience forward and put it too good use when it comes to gaining control of this pest.
        Be it on a thousand plus acre arable farm experiencing rabbit problems i.e. where they are graizing off the crop or stripping the bark from young newly planted trees, or be it the private garden scenario where the rabbit is tearing up and destroying your lawns and feeding on your vegatable patch and borders, that contain your expensive and well-nurtured plants.
        We have a number of ways to gain maximum control of this pest and after a careful (ongoing) risk assessment has been carried out on the area to be controlled, A.SCOTT PEST CONTROL SERVICES can then set about their chosen methods of control.

        As we have a good number of working dogs, both spaniels and terriers the first step is to run the area to be controlled with the dogs and if possible to shoot as the rabbits head for cover i.e. the warren, this puts anything moving on ahead of us 'toground', which is where we want it. Where we can then ferret, net, long net the burrows, filling in all holes behind us as we go, ready for the follow up treatment. Follow-up consists of checking all burrows first treated, for open holes, where if needed aluminium phosphide gas can be introduced and closed off once more. 

Remember rabbit control is just that, control as that man who will take the last rabbit from any area has yet to be born.

       Other forms of rabbit control that we can introduce and have proven to show good results are lamping (night shooting), trapping and rabbit proofing fences can be installed. These are all good forms of control.


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